United Women in Faith

The organization of Morrow First United Women in Faith (formerly United Methodist Women) is made up of two share groups. The groups are: Electa Share (which meets the third Monday night of the month at 7 p.m. in the fellowship hall) and Thursday Friendship Share (which meets the second Thursday of the month at 12 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall). The UMF sponsors mission projects of the North Georgia Conference though the North Central District with their designated giving per quarter. Also, they have mission efforts for Calvary Refuge Center, local schools, battered women’s shelters, the Clayton County Service Center, the church youth, and others as the need arises.

The Morrow UMF is currently a 5-Star plus unit. They participate in the Reading Program for UMF and maintain those books in the church library. They meet together as one unit once a quarter in the fellowship hall with a meal and a program. This year’s programs are Call to Prayer and Self Denial; Nominations and Pledge Service; and a Birthday Bash with World Thank Offering. On Mother’s Day Saturday each year, the UMF sponsors a Mother’s Day Dinner. They enjoy a catered meal, a lovely decorated hall and a great themed program at this annual event. Each year since 2001, the UMF has given one of their members a Courageous Woman of the Year award. This woman is special to the UMF unit, works hard in the church and community, and usually has overcome obstacles in her family, her health, or in her life in general. The Morrow UMF is very busy in all aspects of the church and hope to continue their good work for many years to come.

Mother/Daughter/Sister/Friend Banquet

Mother/Daughter/Sister/Friend Banquet

Our M/D/S/F Banquet is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th, at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Our theme this year is “I Hope You Dance!”. We’ll be exploring the various dance styles through the decades. Several of our ladies will be performing these dance styles as we...

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Mother’s Day Gift to Mission

Mother’s Day Gift to Mission

Every year, the United Women in Faith offer everyone the opportunity to honor/remember our mothers and all the special women in our lives by making a financial donation to our Gift to Missions in their names. We made the unanimous decision that this year we want to...

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