WORSHIP Registration

Live and In-person (50 people limit).

Worship Service begins at 11:00 a.m. each Sunday


The registration window for In Person Worship is from Sunday until noon on Thursday

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COVID-19 Guidelines

for In-Person Activities and Worship


Before the congregation returns to church campus:

The building will routinely be cleaned and disinfect all surfaces and objects that are frequently touched. This may include cleaning objects/surfaces not ordinarily cleaned (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, counter-tops).

To make sure that the buildings remain clean and disinfected, admittance to the buildings will be limited and monitored.

Sanctuary and all areas used during service will be cleaned/sanitized before and after gathering for each worship service.

Alarm codes for the main building and Fellowship Hall have been changed and will be given out on an as needed basis.

The following portions of the building will be closed to all:

• Entire Educational Wing (upstairs and downstairs, and nursery), including restrooms in that section. Stairs will also be marked do not use.

• Choir Room.

• Adult Education Hall, including the Comfort & Joy Classroom, past the rest rooms.

• Library

• Prayer Room

• All doors will be marked no admittance with the exception of there main doors for the Sanctuary and the side entrance door with the buzzer.

• Office will remain closed and locked unless office staff is present.

Signage will offer clear directives to attendees regarding how to behave on campus to uphold protocols. Designated entrances, exits and building traffic patterns will be marked.

Select pews will be blocked off to provide social distancing during the service.

All pew Bibles and hymnals have been removed.

All water are fountains turned off.

Sunday School

Sundays @ 9:30am – 10:00am via conference call.

Call: 602-610-2058

Code: 628908


 Use the fellowship hall on Sunday mornings at 10:15 for choir rehearsal and choir warm-up. The choir member will be responsible for sanitizing their chairs, exit door and light switches upon leaving.

Position the choir in front and behind the communion rail in the sanctuary when singing, and adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Scouts will be allowed to hold the Flag Burning Ceremony and cook-out during the Memorial Day weekend. They may not camp out on property.

Scouts will remain outside at all times. They will use the restrooms in the Scout Hut.

Scouts will not resume meeting until September.

Once meetings begin they will follow all current safety procedures.


Note that this “new normal” will continue for the foreseeable future.

Worship Services

All members should register for each worship service.

All church members will enter the church through the front door.

Congregants will have their temperature taken before entering sanctuary.

Congregants will be asked to bring masks from home. Mask have been ordered for those who do not have their own.

Hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and will be placed at the main entrances and exits.

Congregants are asked not to touch their face and to use their hand sanitizer after touching any surface. Reminders will include verbal instruction, digital communication, and posted signage.

Congregants will be asked to bring their own hand sanitizer.

At the end of service we will exit by rows, while maintaining the required 6 feet of social distancing.

The restrooms in the Adult Education Hall will be the only ones available. Ensure 6 feet of social distancing while entering, using, and leaving the restroom along with vigilant hand-hygiene.

Adult Sunday School Wing past rest rooms closed (including Comfort & Joy room), Children’s Educational Wing (including nursery), second floor of the children’s Educational Wing closed, and choir room will be closed.

Offerings plates will be placed at the main entrance so that people can place their offerings as they enter or leave.

There will be no printed bulletins. Digital material for services will be provided ahead of time.

No separate Children’s Time or Children’s Service. Children and Youth are expected to sit with their family.

Microphones may be used as long as they are disinfected, and, they are not touched by anyone or passed from person to person.

No visitor bags will be distributed until further notice.


Communion will be administered by the Pastor or Liturgist via prepackaged wafer/juice handed to each member/guest as they come forward. Gluten free bread will also be available in plastic bags for use.

Communion special offerings will be placed in buckets at both sides of the altar.

Food Pantry

 The food pantry will operate out of the Fellowship Hall.

Will use the drive-thru system.

Consumers will not leave their vehicle.

Volunteers will place items in vehicles for consumers.

Volunteers will wear mask and practice social distancing and safety procedures.

Restrooms are not available for consumers.

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