We have openings for three groups to serve dinner at Calvary Refuge Center.

house, calvary refuge homeless shelter

We have a few spots left to serve dinner at Calvary.  If your class, group, or family would like to serve, please contact Judy Jaeger.

Thank you to all who served faithfully in this ministry in 2023!!

Fourth Sundays in 2024

January 28 Liz Haynie
February 25 Thursday Friendship Share
March 24  Marvin Foster Class
April 28 Mitchell/Griffin Families
May 26 Sharon Crittendon
June 23 Children & Youth
July 28 The Ramblers
August 25  Cox & Valenzuela families
September 22
October 27  Alpha Xi Delta
November 24
December 22

Groups/Families/Classes that have served in previous years.
Alpha Xi Delta
Adams Family
Sharon Crittendon
Youth/Cox Family
Karen Kelly
Marvin Foster Class
Book Study Group
The Griffin/Mitchell Families
Thursday Friendship Share
The Cox and Valenzuela families
Pam & Brad Boyd
The Haynie Family