house, calvary refuge homeless shelter

Click read more to see the schedule and be reminded when your family/group is committed to serving at Calvary.  Thanks for your service!

1/24/21  Marvin Foster Class
2/28/21 The Adams Family
3/28/21 The Haynie Family
4/25/21 The Cox and Valenzuela families
5/23/21 Pam & Brad Boyd
6/27/21 Alpha Xi Delta
7/25/21Marvin Foster Class
8/22/21 The Cox and Valenzuela families
9/26/21 Thursday Friendship Share
10/24/21 Alpha Xi Delta
11/28/21 The Griffin/Mitchell Families
12/26/21 The Griffin/Mitchell Families

Thank you to these groups and families that served in 2020.

1/26/20  Marvin Foster Class
2/23/20  Alpha Xi Delta
3/22/20  Adams Family
4/26/20  Youth/Cox Family
5/24/20  Karen Kelly
6/28/20  Adams Family
7/26/20  Youth/Cox Family
8/23/20  Adams Family
9/27/20  Marvin Foster Class
10/25/20  Book Study Group
11/22/20  Adams Family
12/27/20  Youth/Cox Family