Lay Servant Ministries

Online Course Schedule for 2024

Online courses are educational opportunities for lay servants to engage in learning opportunities in a virtual environment. The courses are delivered over the Internet using Google Classroom as the software platform which means that the classes are completely online. Participants are expected to meet one time in ZOOM for an orientation to the course and navigation system. After the orientation, you complete the course from your home, work, or at a time that is most convenient for you within a limited time frame. Online courses are 5 weeks in length, and the time for completing assignments will vary based on individual preparation, involvement and participation. All online courses are open to your schedule with 24/7 access. Participants must purchase the books for all classes. Books may be purchased from Cokesbury, Amazon, Upper Room Books or any other reputable dealer. All of the online courses are Advanced LSM classes and have a prerequisite of completion of the Basic Lay Servant Ministries course.

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Spiritual Gifts: June 24 – July 29. Last day to register is June 24.
This course is designed to help participants identify their spiritual gifts and examine spiritually how they can use their gifts to serve others.
Text: For the Common Good: Discovering and Using Your Spiritual Gifts by Christine Harman

Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders: July 29 – September 9. Last day to register is July 29.
This purpose of this course is to help participants examine the mission of the United Methodist Church, which is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Text: Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders by Marc Brown, Kathy Merry, and John Briggs

Afire with God: September 11 – October 14. Last day to register is September 11.
This course focuses on the need for congregations to become stewards-in-action of all God has entrusted to them.
Text: Afire with God by Betsy Schwarzentraub

Evangelism: October 14 – November 18. Last day to register is October 14.
The focus of this course is to examine the challenge of evangelism within the local church and to review John Wesley’s approach to evangelism as a valid model of how lay speakers can help local churches develop models for effective evangelism.
Text: Transforming Evangelism by Henry H. Knight, III and Douglas Powe, Jr.

North GA Conference Committee on Lay Servant Ministries
2024 Classes– 8 Districts
You may take classes in any district

All Classes $42.00 – DOES NOT INCLUDE Student Book. Books are available at Cokesbury, Upper Room Books, Amazon or any book vendor

  • Basic requires pastor’s approval
  • Basic is the pre-requisite for all Advanced classes
  • Must attend or complete all sessions to receive credit for the course.
  • Classes may be offered in three formats: In person classes are at least 10 hours of instruction. Must attend all ten hours to receive credit. Zoom classes are also 10 hours of instruction and attendance of all 10 hours is required to receive credit. Must download the zoom app and requires a tablet or computer. Hybrid classes are 3 zoom sessions for 6 hours and 4 hours of interactive and guided assignments. Must attend all sessions and complete assignments to receive credit for the course.
Registration and payment for classes is done on this page. Click here to register.

Saturdays:  September 14 and 21; 9 am – 3 pm; Lewis Memorial UMC, Evans GA
Text: From Pew to Pulpit, by Clifton F. Guthrie
Deadline to register:  August 31
Questions Contact:  Darlene Nelson [email protected]

Basic * Requires pastor’s approval
Saturdays:  October 19 and 26; 9 am – 3 pm; Lewis Memorial UMC, Evans GA
Text:  Lay Servant Ministries:  Basic Course by Sandy Ziegler Jackson and Brian Jackson
Deadline to register:  October 5
Questions Contact:  Darlene Nelson [email protected]