Father’s Day Gifts to Missions

United Methodist Women’s Father’s Day Gifts to Missions 2021 This year’s Father’s Day Gifts to Mission will support MFUMC’s Youth Retreat to Laguna Beach Christian Resort. The trip is Friday, July 9 thru Sunday, July 11. The UMW wants to help our youth have a restorative weekend of sun, study, and play. Morrow’s UMW will

Help Support the BOHEI Food Pantry in Kenya

Bridges of Hope and Empowerment (BOHEI) provides meal staples to families and orphanages in Kahawa West, Kenya. The need for food has increased due to COVID-19 restrictions, lack of work, and lack of easily accessible food locations. Meal supplies provided by BOHEI include rice, beans, flour, greens (kale/spinach), tea leaves, sugar, salt, and cooking oil.

Summer Sprinklers Bowling League

Time for some fun! Join the MFUMC Summer Sprinklers Bowling League for fellowship and laughs… oh and bowling.

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