As stewards of the church, it is important that we use our resources wisely. Just like you do at home, turn off the lights when you leave a room. If you adjust the heat or air in the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall, do not place the thermostat on “Hold”, as they are programmed for a temperature that allows us to save money.

The cost of all of our utilities and necessities are going up, just as you have seen in your own home’s bills. Please see the chart below which illustrates the price increases for three of our billers. The chart below reflects the increase/decrease. As you can see, our expenses have increased $460.30 per month.

Price Change in 2022


Now Difference

Ga Power

 $1,099.18  $1,416.03  $316.85

City of Morrow (garbage collection)

 $134.23  $202.68  $68.45

Toole’s Landscaping

Church Grounds

 $615.00  $680.00


Cemetery Grounds  $100.00  $110.00


Total  $1,948.41  $2,408.71



Trustees and Governance Board