Heating/Air – If you were here a few Sundays ago, you might remember how cold it was in the building.  The heating/air contractor was called and they came out to check the system.  Well, it turns out that we had an urban camper staying in the fenced in area behind the outside units.  They had switched all the units off.  The copper line was also cut and all the freon leaked out.  Cost to repair that will be approximately $2,000. The trustees are planning on making improvements to the fencing around the units.  Hopefully, this will deter further campers from making their home back there.  

Van/Church Bus – Our van was involved in a fender bender a while back.  It is currently at the body shop and they are negotiating with the insurance company on the repairs.   If a price can be agreed upon, it should be ready by the first of April.  

Food Pantry – The Food Pantry will be closed from Friday, March 17 to Wednesday, May 3 for Spring Cleaning.