North Georgia Annual Conference
The Classic Center, Athens, Georgia
June 2-4, 2022
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson, presiding

The 2022 North Georgia Annual Conference session was held June 2-4 at The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, with Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson presiding. After two years of virtual sessions, 1,800 United Methodists gathered for a conference that felt like a homecoming under the theme of “A Place for You at The Table.”

Among the highlights of the session were:

  • the endorsement of Rev. Dr. Byron Thomas as episcopal candidate,
  • introduction of 5 values and 5 areas of focus to guide our work in the coming years,
  • adoption of the lowest apportionment budget in 20 years,
  • an inspiring presenter on multicultural worship,
  • powerful music and sermons,
  • affirmation of plans to relocate the United Methodist Center to Main Street in College Park,
  • celebrating the Barnes Fund grants of more than $780,000 invested in local church mission and ministry in North Georgia Conference last year,
  • honoring the saints who have gone before us,
  • electing new boards and committees, and
  • licensing, commissioning, and ordaining new servant leaders who are called and equipped to serve God’s holy church.