A quick and easy project to teach children about the spirit of Thanksgiving

By Kristen Wright-Matthews, Editor & Publisher, Macaroni Kid College Park – East Point – Morrow
November 14, 2020
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Here’s how to make and use a gratitude jar with your child:

Start with an empty jar, preferably plastic if you are working with a young child. Otherwise, you can use pretty much anything, like a mason jar. You can even use a peanut butter or mayonnaise jar, or you can use something larger, or even a box.
Anything goes for decoration (stickers, yarn, paper, etc).
Don’t forget to keep the lid.
Put a slit in the top to slide the papers through, or you can simply unscrew it at every use.
Cut small sheets of paper, or even use Post Its.
Add a slip to the jar each day, but especially when there is something amazing to celebrate.
That’s it! – Easy right! Most importantly, have a great time making memories with your kids and loved ones!