Van – The repairs to the van from the accident have been completed.  While it was being repaired, several other issues were reported (shocks, fluids, lights, and other maintenance needs).  Those items have also been repaired.  While it was on their lot, someone backed into it and damaged the bumper.  That was repaired at no cost to the church.

Air Conditioner – As a result of the urban camper that took up residence by the air conditioning units and the attempted theft of our copper, replacement and repairs had to be made to the copper lines.  The Trustees voted to install a fence around the units in order to deter this kind of thing.  The Governance Board approved the expenditure.  The fence has now been installed and the funds were taken from the RSVP fund, part of the Special Giving Account.  Just a reminder, funds from this account are not replaced through regular giving (operations), they are only replaced through specific gifts to the RSVP fund (Special giving).


Teri Rodgers, Trustee Chair