Clayton County is currently (12/22) in the RED for COVID-19. Based on “Opening the Building” guidelines that the Trustees and the Governance Board developed and approved earlier this year, (with guidance from the Conference and the CDC) in person for worship is not permitted. This restriction will stay in place until Clayton County has been out of the RED for two weeks.

While the county is in the RED, the guidelines allow for small groups to meet. The Georgia Department of Health has defined a small group as having less than 10 people present. As a result of this, the only group that will be allowed to meet on the church campus is the Food Pantry. Thus, Wednesday Night Supper, Book Study, Sunday School, & Share Groups are not considered small groups and have been canceled.

Singing and playing certain instruments are at the highest level of risk for spreading COVID-19. Because of this and the high level of community transmission in Clayton County, the Christmas Musical Program has been canceled.

Please wear your mask, wash your hands, and socially distance. If we all do our part, we will be back together to worship soon. Updates will be posted in the Morrow Mirror.

Teri Rodgers