Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes. Enduring trials and tribulations as children of God but still blessed in all we do and have to endure to bring glory to God.
Source: Based on”The Road Back to God,” Larry Neeb
First Sunday in Lent. Jesus in the Wilderness, 40 days and nights and tempted by Satan.
Sunday Worship Service. Valentine's Day. The Gift of Love!
Simon and Andrew"s Mother In Law is healed immediately so she can be incorporated back into society and freely serve.Others see and hear the Good News and come to the…

Kingdom Authority

January 31, 2021
Teaching and Healing with Power and Authority
based on Bible study of Genesis by the Bible Project

Come and Follow

January 24, 2021

Come and See!

January 17, 2021
Come, see, follow. Andrew and Phillip see and invite Simeon and Nathaniel to come, see and experience Jesus and follow.